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Vertical Rowing Machine

Latissimus Dorsi – Biceps – Rhomboids


Postural rotation machine with abdominal stabilization and linear traction action, for training the muscles of the back. Progressive auxotonic resistance and the Canali “Safety Back” system reduces the tension on the lower back. The position of the handles allows to train both the dorsal muscles and the rhomboid muscles.


The lifting of the moving part of the machine allows to produce the resistant load without using added weights. The same lifting movement allows the support on the spinal column and the stabilization of the abdominal muscles during the specific training session on each individual machine. There is the possibility to diversify the resistance between the right and the left side according to the user’s needs. The Auxotonic resistance, or the progressive load resistance, allows you to train at the best during the entire range of movement without decreasing the training in the most favourable execution angles. The different grips of the machine, compared to the linear movement of the levers, allow you to train the back muscles in different sectors and, by changing the angles of the elbow with respect to the shoulder, of the rhomboid muscles.