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MyEquilibria provides up to nine islands that revolve around a kind of design tree, where you can practice open-air physical activity, without machines and tools, simply by exploiting the weight of your body, all made with a special latest generation cement, which combines resistance and elasticity.
MyTree strives to shape the future of outdoor wellness and challenges every convention surrounding fitness equipment. All MyTrees are available in 3-leaves or 6-leaves configuration.

Engineered around the biomechanics of instinctive training
inspired by nature
designed featuring the same attention to detail, style and technological sophistication you would expect from a contemporary work of art.
Parallel Bars, Pull-ups Bar, Rings Set, Suspension Training Hooks

Full Tree combines most popular types of MyEquilibria trees to offer a complete outdoor gym, designed to challenge all major muscle groups. The 6 MyEquilibria leaves give a unique and natural design to the structure.

High Rings Set, Medium Rings Set, Low Rings Set

Rings training requires only a few movements to effectively build muscle size and definition in record time. The combination of three ring-stages, hooked at different heights, blends
perfectly with the 3-leaf structure.

Parallel Bars, High Pull-ups Bar, Low Pull-ups Bar, Suspension Training Hooks

Pull-ups Bars and Parallel Bars are the ultimate exercise to engage your core and strengthen your back, chest and arms. This configuration aims to quickly develop strength, coordination, balance and agility.

Climbing Ropes, Suspension Training Hooks, Independent Flag Pole

The Vertical Tree is a proven and versatile workout tool that helps building explosive strength, power, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning and effectively burn fat. The
Vertical Tree combines 2 climbing ropes with an independent Flag Pole.

Developed for wellness activities that promote focus, relaxation and flexibility, the 3-leaf Zen Tree is a great addition to other outdoor activities and bodyweight installations.

Parallel Bars, Pull-ups Bar, Rings Set, Suspension Training Hooks, High & Low Box Jump, Flat Bench, Endurance Wellness Stone, Battle Rope, Rotary Push-ups, Parallettes, Sliding Push-ups, Pistols, Hooks

The first complete private gym. With the combination of numerous accessories and designed around the revolutionary Full Tree, this “isle” represents a true challenge for all the major muscle groups. The uniqueness of the Voronoi platform is in complete harmony with the natural 6-leaf tree structure.
These stations comfortly fits up to 15 people.