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Wellness is something personal. MyMandala turns Fitness Spaces
into Personal Wellness Places.

MyMandala allows you to create your personal fitness mandala: Choosing among the different modules you can assemble your ideal fitness platform, mirroring your attitudes, character, values and your individual idea of wellness. When you look at your creation you can see yourself in it. Thanks to MyMandala you can discover and create your personal fitness formula.

Yoga and meditation


Only the most exclusive materials have been selected to craft MyEquilibria products and accessories. Our stainless steel, woods, technical compounds used in competitive sports and breakthrough materials are engineered to withstand highly demanding outdoor environments and come in a wide range of colors and finishes.



Stainless steel is the ultimate metallic material in terms of durability and resistance to atmospheric agents. We also protect the stainless steel even further with additional electropolishing and/or sandblasting treatments.



Aluminium is used to obtain light and aesthetically pleasing products with high
resistance to atmospheric agents.



In order to initiate corten steel maturation process, we use an oxidation process trough weathering. This type of system lends to corten a specific nonuniform aspect and different shades of color, indeed, are not a defect. Corten steel, thanks to the process of maturation/oxidation that characterizes it, is  considered a “live” material, which may vary over time, in shades and hues, depending on the shape of the object, the position in which it is installed and according to the cycles of weathering which the object undergoes.