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Ergonomics Designed for maximum performance training.

The interface, identical for all the Human Cardio line, allows you to switch from one product to another in a simple and intuitive way. The keys are oversized, to be easily identifiable and to improve the User Experience (Human Design).

The ergonomic design of the handles also increases your comfort by giving more space to your movements.

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Every Canali System project is an engineering Masterpiece

A design that reflects the perfect balance between men and machines.
Creating spaces that are ergonomically supportive of the human form, characterized by the dovetailing Canali products to explore new working methods, and unique differentiating equipment, Canali Life a new Gym experience.

Boxed Frame Technology
The Innovative Advanced Boxed Frame makes the machine rigid, almost like a monocoque. This eliminates frame twist allowing the user to fully transmit their increasing force into the performance of the movement and therefore the muscle without wasting energy during the training session.
seats: vertebral design
The design and creation of the innovative Vertebral Design was inspired by the shape and curvature of the spinal column. It immediately adapts to the physiological characteristics of the user providing one of the most comfortable experiences on the market today.
canali handles
Canali’s handles are suitable for a wide range of body shapes, types and sizes, alongside users of different ages and abilities. Theese handles give you a sensation of maximum luxury and comfort with a corresponding feeling and certainty of postural alignment and effective training throughout the exercise session.

Technical Specs.

There were little things that she simply could not stand. The sound of someone tapping their nails on the table
Innovative Design
Canali System’s design reflects the perfect balance between men and machines, creating spaces that are ergonomically supportive of the human form.
Technological Study
A professional proposal of exercise and biomechanical science with manufacturing excellence under one roof.
The Canali Systems are part of the well established Nord Group, with a proud Italian heritage providing a guarantee of world leading production of high-quality components and exercise machines.
Modern Lines
The Canali System is optimised to create the perfect solution for maximising the floor space with an average saving of 30% without compromising efficiency.

Canali Life a new Gym experience

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