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  4. 1-ый Магистральный тупик 11/9, Бизнес Центр «Ярд», 123290, Москва, Россия
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  6. info@futurewellness.ru

Italian Engineering & Design

Aquaspecial builds wellness centers, spas and swimming pools. It realizes them by designing them entirely or by engineering the design ideas of the most important architecture and design firms.
It is an Italian company, based on a system of technical skills that from the conception of the functional layout lead to the final realization. Ingenuity and Made of Italy Design characterize every phase of the creations.




A modular versions that can contain sauna,

steam bath, shower & more.


It can be moved in every space

and all the finishes are included.


It is the perfect solution also for public use for

wellness & hospitality and also for outdoor installations.


Sauna, Turkish bath and shower elements that can be supplied individually
or coupled together or even contextualized in an entire area
designed and supplied by Aquaspecial.